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Creting Thumbnails


I have a directory with several files named fotoXX.jpg and I would
like to generate 1 HTML page with all the thumbnails and 1 HTML page
FOR EACH photo. I want to have only one wml file in the directory and
all HTML be generated from it. I know how to do this with the slice
phase but then files have to be fixed on the shebang line and I would
like to be able to copy one more photo into the directory and be able
to get its HTML page by just issuing "wmk -f".

I can create the thumbnails in the embperl phase but I am lost with
this "run-time" file spliting stuff. I think I could also create the
"[SLICE: ... :SLICE]" tags on this phase too but... how do I tell in
run-time where to put the slice into?


Rafa C. Marcos
BCN Art Directe (Promotora d'Art)

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