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Creating Thumbnails


I have this wml file:

#!wml -oESuUNDEF2:index.es.html -oENuUNDEF2:index.en.html \
      -oFRuUNDEF2:index.fr.html -oDEuUNDEF2:index.de.html

#use wml::des::imgdot
#use wml::des::typography
#use wml::des::space
#use wml::des::lowsrc
#use wml::std::box

#use wml::tmpl::page 


		print "[FOTO:\n";

		print "#use wml::tmpl::page\n\n";

		print "%!slice -oFOTO:foto.wml\n\n";

		@FILES = glob ("./*.jpg");

		foreach $file (@FILES) {
		print "$file\n\n";

	print ":FOTO]\n";

And several "fotoXX.jpg" files in the same directory.
When I run "wmk", it processes index.wml and stops. The foto.wml file
is generated but not processed. I would like to be able to reconstruct
THE WHOLE website by issuing a wmk at the root. Is there a .wmkrc
.wmlrc combination to do this. The problem, I think, is that when wmk
starts there are no fotoXX.wml files in the directory.

By the way, is this list dead? Or is it that too few people have
discovered this wonderful tool? 


Rafa C. Marcos
BCN Art Directe (Promotora d'Art)

Visit Internet Virtual Studios at: http://www.bcnartdirecte.com/talleres

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