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Re: Ralf, are you there?

On Wed, Oct 28, 1998, Stephen van Egmond wrote:

> >So, please help me and stand up as the developer/maintainer. At least 
> for the
> >next 4 months, but it's also possible to get the job for longer. At 
> least
> >after this time I can focus on WML myself again and work together with 
> you.
> I can't step forward as the maintainer, but if there's any interest, 
> I'm able to host a CVS repository on my home system for the development 
> community.  It's got a cable modem connection and is reasonably quick 
> to most points on the net.
> The address is, aka bang.ml.org, aka cr322781-
> a.ym1.on.wave.home.com

Thanks for the offer, Stephen. But the CVS repository and even the complete
WML-related infrastructure (webarea, FTP area, accounts, etc.) are no problem.
A maintainer of WML can start working immediately with the existing and good
infrastucture. That's all no problem. What we need is mainly _manpower_ (which
here means know-how and free time), anything else is already established and
is provided by me for him. 

So, to take over the WML maintainance job is mainly a matter of interest to
spend time on this project.  The qualification is just that the maintainer was
already a WML user (i.e. he knows what WML is, how it's designed and how its
concepts work) and has knowledge in Perl & C programming. For any real
deep-level issues I'm still available (although perhaps with a little

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