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Re: Ralf, are you there?

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Ralf wrote:
>Please understand my situation. It's not a lost of interest or other reasons:
>I've these months just really _NO_ more free time because of the large amount
>of projects I'm already involved.

I understand you perfectly well. Time is the matter, as usual. Anyway,
wml is stable and therefor a great help.
I used wml for a project just recently and i am very impressed with
its flexibility. The speed-issue, David mentioned, would be a
last good idea to incorporate for a while if the source is
frozen anyway.
I have never ever written to this mailinglist so I guess it is
the right moment now to say thank you Ralf, for your great
effort. Thank you very much!
  holler gelasma systems, it-services
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