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Re: [WML 1.6.7] boot.wml patch

On Thu, Oct 29, 1998, Marc Baudoin wrote:

> I've just tried WML and I think it's just the tool I needed
> to generate and maintain my HTML pages in a consistent way.
> But I don't like WML stripping blank lines so I used the -O 0
> option.  Everything was fine then except that two blank lines
> were added to the top of the generated HTML file.  With a little
> help from the -v9 option, I tracked these blank lines to the
> /usr/local/lib/wml/include/sys/boot.wml file.  The attached patch
> solved my problem.

Great, I wondered myself last time where the blank lines came from but had no
time to trace it down. Thanks.
> Can you please consider including a modified boot.wml file to
> the next WML distribution?

Sure. There are already a few patches available. These days I'm busy with
releasing mod_ssl 2.1b but then I'll try to find a little time to assemble a
WML 1.6.8 for us. And I'll include your patch, too. Thanks for your effort.

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