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Re: [WML 1.6.7] boot.wml patch

Jim Hebert writes:
 > Some of the posts in the last few days have been very "cathedral" centric,
 > and I'm hoping to talk y'all out of that into a more bazaar-like model
 > where the development effort doesn't have to flow through Ralf all the
 > time. (www.opensource.org might have pointers to the paper regarding this
 > distinction) So if you've got a suggestion, post it, but addressed to
 > everyone who might be able to code it, not just Ralf. And if you've got
 > code, don't be shy, post a pointer to it, or if it's short, just post it!
 > Learn to use patch if you haven't already, to post patches of existing wml
 > sources, and so forth. Or post to the list if you're hvaing trouble making
 > a patch: some one will help you.
 > And if you've got a suggestion but no code, give serious thought to diving
 > in and writing some. You might think "hey, who the hell am I? I can't
 > possibly be the right person to code this idea" but people like you garner
 > up the courage to do some hacking and come up with something. Even if you
 > don't get it to work right, sometimes half-baked code that is in the
 > direction of what you want will do MUCH more to spark other hackers to
 > work on coding that feature with you than a simple suggestion posted to
 > the list, and you'll usually end up smarter at the end of the day because
 > people will so often spend gobs of time helping you learn.
 > Go forth and hack on it! =)
 > jim
 > who hasn't even used wml for many months, and is embroiled in a bazaar
 > free software project of his own.

	Hear Hear! 

	I endorse your suggestion mightily.  There are a lot of us
who, while not willing to commit to spend the hours a week to be
maintainer, would happily spend close to those same hours "adding
tweaks and enhancements" if we felt they would both help us, and
eventually get into the tool.

	It is still essential that there is a high priest that blesses 
inclusion in the one true version; however the high preist doesn't
have to give every sermon.

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