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Re: Installation failed

On 6 Nov 1998, David Mentr'e wrote:
> I have the same installation problem as Jan : bad Getopt::Long version
> number.
> However, in wml_common, there is a getoptlong with the right version
> number (2.18 for wml 1.6.7). I suppose Ralf put it here on purpose. ;)
> Any way to tell the configure or perl to use *this* getoptlong ? Maybe
> it is a configure bug ? Or a wml_test bug ?

IIRC I had that problem (or a different version number problem) too, and
just said "make install" after I discovered the right version somewhere in
the wml-distribution, and it worked.
So it seems to be a bug in the "make test" code.
Proceed, with fingers crossed.

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