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Peter Ehrenberg writes:
 > Hi there,
 > I think it would be nice to have a DTD describing all WML-tags
 > (including all HTML tags). If so you can edit WML-files with any
 > SGML-based editor (eg. lovely EMACS with psgml). The editor (or any
 > SGML-parser) can validate your WML-file for you and find any tag
 > structure violation. Also EMACS (in conjunction with psgml) can
 > service you comfortable pop-up menus with all legal tags (and
 > attributes) at point.
 > I wonder if anyone had written such a DTD. If so I'm very interested
 > to get a copy -- if not I think I can do this job (it is not so hard,
 > I hope :-).
 > What is your opinion?
 > Peter
	Sounds great! I'll help you debug the thing.
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