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Re: Creating Thumbnails

On Wed, Oct 28, 1998 at 06:06:00PM +0100, Fritz Zaucker wrote:
> Rafael Cordones Marcos <rafacm@bcnartdirecte.com> writes:
> Could you post your solution to the list? I think it would be a good
> example for others.
> Best regards,
> Fritz

The WML file is at http://www.bcnartdirecte.com/Euroart98/fotos.wml

In the subdirectory http://www.bcnartdirecte.com/Euroart98/fotos/ are
the generated thumbnails. (NOTE: the fotoX.orig.jpg are NOT there, you
can put your on to try it. They are too big to upload them to the web
server.) You may also need the file at

I then do a wmk -a and when wmk gets to the subdir fotos the new wml
to process are already there.

Comments will be appreciated!

Rafa C. Marcos
BCN Art Directe (Promotora d'Art)

Visit Internet Virtual Studios at: http://www.bcnartdirecte.com/talleres

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