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Re: Frames

On Wed, Dec 09, 1998, Michael McNamara wrote:

>   What support is there for frames and the navbar?  I love the
> navbar, it makes adding page n+1 so much easier. In fact it is so
> good, that no support for frames is quite liveable.
>   However, for slow links, I'd like to use frames, to load
> content into a window, keeping the navigation in a separate frame.

Hmmm... usually when you use a frame, as you said, the navbar is in the frame
which stays permanently on the screen.  Then there is usually no need for a
navbar generation tool like wml::des::navbar. Because the navbar is pure
static and stays inside a _single_ page.  wml::des::navbar is for generating
navbars for _different_ pages where each page needs a slightly different
navbar. So I still don't see the point you address. What is your (syntactical
and semantical) wish for a frame support in wml::des::navbar?

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