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Blank lines (once more)


As you may have noticed from my few messages to this list, I
discovered WML not long ago and it looks like a great tool to
produce and maintain HTML pages in a consistent way.  I'd love to
use it.

But (because there's a big but, no joke here) I can't use it for

I'm very picky about blank lines and I want my HTML the way I've
decided and the -O0 option (so that pass 8 doesn't strip blank
lines) is not enough for me.  You can have an idea about my blank
line paranoia by looking at <URL:http://www.agm-ita.ensta.fr/>.

I'd like to use WML that way :

- #use some files used to define custom tags (no HTML code here)
- #define some files to get standard headers/footers (only HTML
  code here)

Here's what I think would be a typical page:


#use wml::agm-ita::agm-ita
#include "header.wml"

My HTML page is here

#include "footer.wml"


I want to keep my blank lines the way they are in the HTML code
of the main page and in the included header.wml and footer.wml
but not in wml::agm-ita::agm-ita.

The problem is I use -O0 and this does not make differences about
#use'd and #include'd files as this occurs in pass 1 and there's
no real difference between #include and #use.  So I get a bunch
of blank lines from wml::agm-ita::agm-ita at the beginning of my
page, which I don't want.

A solution would be to change the structure of WML so that it
makes a real difference between #use'd and #include'd files but
that would imply a lot of rewrite...

What are your comments?

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