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Re: Frames

On Wed, 09 Dec 1998, Michael McNamara wrote:
>	I am wondering is if I can get the automatic java script
>changing of navbar gifs from the 'normal' to 'over' to 'selected'
>features, but cause the effect of selecting a menu item be to load a
>url into another frame.

i use my own tag-definitions and some variables with templates
to solve this. it's working, but is not very portable. i have to modify the
include files for every new site, but then i get exactly what i want.
see http://www.snf.ch/nfp42/  (it's a very academic site, at the moment 
german only, but prepared for multi-language-support).
it's my second project fully based on WML, so the code is
not very sophisticated and probably hard to read. but let me know 
if you want to see it anyway.

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