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Re: Blank lines (once more)

Fritz Zaucker <zaucker@ee.ethz.ch> écrit :
> Marc Baudoin <babafou@babafou.eu.org> writes:
> > I'm very picky about blank lines and I want my HTML the way I've
> > decided and the -O0 option (so that pass 8 doesn't strip blank
> > lines) is not enough for me.  You can have an idea about my blank
> > line paranoia by looking at <URL:http://www.agm-ita.ensta.fr/>.
> I don't really understand why you care about the blank lines in the
> HTML files.

Maybe because i've grown emotionnally attached to them...

More seriously, I use the HTML files from my server as examples
when teaching HTML and I want them to be as readable as possible,
hence the blank lines.

That's what stopping me from using WML...

If HTML was a binary format, I wouldn't care about it but it's
not.  I've been writing HTML for nearly 5 years now and I really
matter how it looks in a text editor as much as in a Web browser.
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