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[patch ipp] Time Optimization

Hi Ralf and others,

to speed up wml, i decided to store files inside a ``format'' file, as
TeX does. I create a file
   ## file includes.wml
   use wml::std::all
   use wml::des::all

process it through wml_p1_ipp:
   prompt> wml_p1_ipp -S /usr/lib/wml/include includes.wml > includes.pass1

and include this file via
   #include "includes.pass1"

This file may be read verbatim, wml_p1_ipp should do nothing on it. So i
added these few lines to ipp.src and now
   #include "includes.pass1" verbatim
read ``includes.pass1'' without invoking ipp on it.

I admit that speed-up time is not terrific.


--- wml-1.6.7/wml_backend/p1_ipp/ipp.src  Thu Jul 30 10:22:16 1998
+++ wml-1.6.7/wml_backend/p1_ipp/ipp.src  Thu Dec 31 12:42:50 1998
@@ -245,6 +245,11 @@
     while ($l = <$in>) {

+        if ($arg{'verbatim'}) {
+            $out .= $l;
+            next;
+        }
         #   Variable Interpolation

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