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Re: New WML-generated website: www.openssl.org

In article <19981229162829.B18846@engelschall.com> you wrote:

> I've created a new complete website with WML:

>   The OpenSSL Project
>   http://www.openssl.org/

> The whole site is generated out of a single template file with WML, the images
> are created with Photoshop.

> When you want to find out more, just use the usual trick: Replace xxx/xxx.html
> with xxx/xxx.wml and xxx/ with xxx/index.wml to see the source. The template
> is under common/tpl/.

The website was now finally cleaned up and the WML stuff documented.  When
you're now still interested in the WML source for www.openssl.org have a look
at the final template: http://www.openssl.org/openssl.wml It provides the
complete layout and navigation stuff you see on www.openssl.org. Feel free to
rip out whatever you like for your own WML-based hacks.

PS: Especially the sub-navbar stuff is implemented very tricky. 
    For instance constructs like
      (page:*# )$(page:+#include ")$(SNB_RC:-.wmlsnb)$(page:+")
    are used to achieve some sort of conditional includes, etc.
    So, when you love WML tricks, look at it. You'll find
    a lot of such stuff in openssl.wml ;-)

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