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Re: [patch ipp] Time Optimization

On Thu, Dec 31, 1998, Denis Barbier wrote:

> to speed up wml, i decided to store files inside a ``format'' file, as
> TeX does. I create a file
>    ## file includes.wml
>    use wml::std::all
>    use wml::des::all
>    ##EOF##
> process it through wml_p1_ipp:
>    prompt> wml_p1_ipp -S /usr/lib/wml/include includes.wml > includes.pass1
> and include this file via
>    #include "includes.pass1"
> This file may be read verbatim, wml_p1_ipp should do nothing on it. So i
> added these few lines to ipp.src and now
>    #include "includes.pass1" verbatim
> read ``includes.pass1'' without invoking ipp on it.
> I admit that speed-up time is not terrific.

Nevertheless the idea is very interesting. In the past I've already done a few
tricks (like 'require'ing the passes to avoid forking, etc.) but WML is still
very slow because of the nine passes. And perhaps such a "pre-processing
approach" isn't too bad. BTW, you can run wml with -v1 to get a few timings.
How much is it already faster? When someone has a great idea how we can really
speed-up WML I'm more than happy to evaluate it.

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