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WML, HOME~ and the redirections

I'm trying to convert to WML my error documents (Apache). I have in the 

ErrorDocument 403 /redirects/forbidden.html

And the forbidden.wml uses (indirectly, it comes from a template):

<A HREF="$(HOME)/search/">

While HOME is defined in the .wmlrc:


The problem is that HOME is expansed at compile time, in the directory of 
forbidden.wml. It makes:

<A HREF="../search/">

And the browser (Lynx 2.8) computes the target with the old document, the one 
which was forbidden, and which is not at the same level... So the user who 
tries to select links in the ErrorDocument gets a new 403 or a 404. No problem 
with Netscape 4.

Which browser is right? How to combine HOME~ and the ErrorDocument feature?

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