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Re: WML, HOME~ and the redirections

On Wednesday 13 January 1999, at 10 h 36, the keyboard of Stephane Bortzmeyer 
<bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr> wrote:

> On Tuesday 12 January 1999, at 17 h 10, the keyboard of Stephane Bortzmeyer 
> <bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr> wrote:
> > The problem is that HOME is expansed at compile time, in the directory of 
> > forbidden.wml. It makes:
> > 
> > <A HREF="../search/">

After discussions with the people of Lynx, it seems there is no easy solution since Apache's ErrorDocuments are not HTTP redirections (despite what I said in the subject) and so the client has no way of knowing the base URL. So, is there a way to ask WML to replace $(HOME) (HOME is defined as ~.) by a server-relative link and not a relative-one ? A command-line option? 

Or should I redefine HOME for my ErrorDocuments? Since WML does not accept 'HOME=' or 'HOME=""', I had to do a 'HOME=http://www.pasteur.fr' which I do not find elegant.

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