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Hi all WML users,

i am pleased to announce the release of WML 1.6.8 (14-Jan-1999).
As Ralf writes today, i will maintain this wonderful tool in the future.
Even if my knowledge and skill in hacking are not those of Ralf, i will
do my very best. What else should i say?
Well, i am a PhD student (numerical analysis), will be graduate in a
couple of weeks, and my company develop scientific applications. Not
really related to WML? Hmm... yes you are right.

In this release, many bugs have been fixed, it runs faster and i need
your help to improve it more and more.

Thanks to Ralf to his fantastic job, to everyone who has contributed
ideas, patches and bug reports, and now, happy WMLing.

WML 1.6.8 is available at http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml

  Changes between 1.6.7 and 1.6.8:
    *) Enhanced the tarball process  (13-Jan-1999)
    *) Fix <import .. format="verbatim"> command (13-Jan-1999)
    *) Make tarball rolling more flexible (13-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed wml_frontend/wml.src (13-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed wml_frontend/wml.src (13-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed wml_backend/p9_slice/slice.src (13-Jan-1999)
    *) Added wml_contrib/wml.spec (12-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed wml::sys::boot (12-Jan-1999)
    *) Removed files in wml_backend/p2_mhc/libmhtml (12-Jan-1999)
    *) Enhanced Pass 1 (IPP) (12-Jan-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::des::navbar (12-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed wml::des::navbar and wml::des::gfont (12-Jan-1999)
    *) Enhanced wml::std::box (12-Jan-1999)
    *) New subdir: wml_contrib/ (07-Jan-1999)
    *) Fixed WMU (31-Dec-1998)
    *) Upgrade of File::PathConvert (18-Dec-1998)
    *) Upgrade of Image::Size (18-Dec-1998)
    *) Upgrade of Bit::Vector (18-Dec-1998)
    *) Fixed double-backslash (`\\') handling (01-Nov-1998)
    *) Fixed `make test' (10-Aug-1998)
    *) Fixed wml::std::grid (07-Aug-1998)
    *) Fixed wml::std::logo (07-Aug-1998)

D. Barbier

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