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Re: BUG: <sc> and umlaut characters

"Ralf S. Engelschall" wrote:
> Hmmmmm.. when I remember correctly I already tried to fix this a year ago.
> Either I was unsuccessful without recognizing this or I've forgotten to > > commit
> the change to the source tree or we have another problem.
> Basically when I remember correctly what you need at least change your
> environment (LANG variable). Because without this the C functions inside WML
> and Perl will not process the stuff correctly. So, have you already changed
> the LANG variable?

  I'm sorry to miss this but what exactly I have to put into LANG environment
variable and where is it documented.
  Umlaut, &copy; and other special characters are defined also in ISO-8859-1
(US) - so why the language here?

  Hint - try to use "<sc>Test Copyright &copy;</sc>" - does not work as

-- Märt Laak
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