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Combining slices and divert


I have almost finished converting my old site to use WML but I have a few
questions to be able to finish it.
My site is both in French and in English but some pages contain both French
and English. So I'd like to have the French part at the top of the French page
and the English part first in the English page. Makes sense?
I tried to do it this way:


  Some text with more language tags (French text has English title anyway)
  Some text with more language tags

But I have an error message saying:
  ** Slice:Error: Some slices were not closed:
  ** WML:Break: Error in pass 9 (rc=1).

Well I have slices in the diverted areas and the dumps are in slices so
problems were to be expected. But is there a way to do what I want?

To other questions:
When using a #!wml ... line in the WML files, wmk rebuilds every file. Is there
a way aroud it (other than using a make file)?
Is there an easy way to build the HTML files in a different directory tree than
the WML files?
Thank you for any help.


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