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Re: IPP improvements

On Thu, Jan 14, 1999, David Harris wrote:

> Back around 9/10/98 I dove into the WML IPP processor and re-wrote some of
> it to be more efficient. At that time I posted my results, but no one was
> maintaining WML and it didn't get rolled into a release. I just checked the
> newest release on the web-site and see that my changes have not been
> implemented - the same inefficient text handling methods are being used.
> Back then, I did some comparisons between the old IPP and my IPP. On one
> particularly large test case (including all of the WML files) the old one
> used 1m34.20s of user time while mine used 0m5.75s. Others reported success
> in installing the patch and getting speed improvements.
> I'm wondering if this got lost in the upgrade to 1.6.8 or there is some
> other reason why that work was not rolled into the WML release.

We went over the old mails, of course. But either it's part of another
old-mail-folder I've still not send to Denis for checking or I totally lost
this. But that should be no problem. The WML 1.6.8 version was to sync us all
with the lastest changed which I've already done. Now that we're in sync,
please (re-)post all your patches so Denis can look at it and consider it for
inclusion into WML 1.7.0.
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