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Re: IPP improvements

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, David Harris wrote:

> Hi,
> Back around 9/10/98 I dove into the WML IPP processor and re-wrote some of
> it to be more efficient. At that time I posted my results, but no one was
> maintaining WML and it didn't get rolled into a release. I just checked the
> newest release on the web-site and see that my changes have not been
> implemented - the same inefficient text handling methods are being used.

Hi David,

as Ralf stated, i took a look at your patches. They are on my disk, but
i did not have time to examine them closely. I thought a new release
was a major task.

But there is a huge difference between 1.6.7 and 1.6.8 : if there is no
comment block, no block parsing is done, and so ipp runs extremely fast
(and this feature is documented).
It is the most efficient way i found, and is 100% backward compatible.
I wanted to talk to you about your patches when i have time, please be
patient. It will take some days to understand what you submitted.

D. Barbier

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