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Question about pass 4 (m4)

Hi there,

I have been toying around with WML for a while now, and I keep finding
new aspects and tricks, mostly by way of reading other peoples
wml-files. :)

But I have one big question: What is the usefulness of pass 4 (m4) ?
Maybe it's because I have never used m4 for anything before, but maybe
it's exactly the thing I am looking for, I just didn't know it :)

So what I am asking for is basically an easy example, of what the
m4-pass does, and what it can be used for.

One more thing: Is there somewhere a library, or a collection of code
snippets, where one can look for solutions for specific problems ? If
not, I am in the process of redesigning my webpage, and I wanted to
have a wml-info page. So if anyone has useful hints and tricks for
wml, send them my way, and I will compile them and put them up on the web.

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