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Re: Installation problems with WML-1.6.8

I had exactly the same problem with gnome 0.99 and SuSE 5.3!
i hacked through the config.status file a bit and came to no conclusion as
i am not a hacker-guru.
but i think it has something to do with automake or whatever was used to
compile this stuff.
have you ever upgraded or changed your automake or autoconf binaries?

CHristian Niss wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> This Monday I did upgrade my Linux-Computer from SuSE Linux 5.3
> to SuSE-Linux 6.0. Before this Upgrade WML-1.6.7 worked perfectly.
> But since that black monday it refused working (some *.pm-files
> not found in @INC etc.) ...
> Therefore I tried to reinstall it (with perl-5.00502), but it
> didnīt work out. (Yes- I had serious problems installing it
> the first time with perl-5.00404 but finally I made it ..)
> Lucky me found the brand new WML-1.6.8 at Ralfs website
> and downloaded it immediately ... BUT this version even refused
> to complete the configuration process:
> [...]
> This is the error-log I got when starting the configure-script...
> ./config.status: line 194: 16980 Broken pipe             sed -e
> "$ac_comsub
> s%@configure_input@%$configure_input%g
> s%@srcdir@%$srcdir%g
> s%@top_srcdir@%$top_srcdir%g
> " $ac_file_inputs
>      16981 Done(1)                 | ( eval "$ac_sed_cmds" )>$ac_file

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