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Re: Installation problems with WML-1.6.8

Christoph Rauch wrote:
> I had exactly the same problem with gnome 0.99 and SuSE 5.3!
> i hacked through the config.status file a bit and came to no conclusion as
> i am not a hacker-guru.
> but i think it has something to do with automake or whatever was used to
> compile this stuff.
> have you ever upgraded or changed your automake or autoconf binaries?

Hi again,

I found the SuSE 5.0 distribution and installed the autoconf and
automake-packages from the 5.0 CDs, but I get the same errors as 
described in my first mail, even if I want to configure wml-1.6.7
I get exactly the same errors ;-(((((((


P.S: In which packet could I find setpgrp, since the missing of that
program causes the configure script to halt.

> checking whether setpgrp takes no argument... configure: error: 
> cannot check setpgrp if cross compiling  
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