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Re: BUG: <sc> and umlaut characters

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999, Märt Laak wrote:

>   Hint - try to use "<sc>Test Copyright &copy;</sc>" - does not work as
> expected...

You should use isolatin characters in your input file. There is no
conversion html entities --> isolatin.

Case conversions are performed by C routines, which take care of
internationalization problems. Take a look at locale(7) manpages for
infos. On most systems one has to set the LC_CTYPE environment variable.
Type ``locale -a'' for the list of valid values (may depend on your system).
For instance,
prompt> LC_CTYPE=french
prompt> export LC_CTYPE
prompt> wml foo.wml
T<font size="-1">EST</font> © T<font size="-1">OUS</font>
<font size="-1">DROITS</font> <font size="-1">RÉSERVÉS</font>

where foo.wml is:
#use wml::des::typography
<sc>Test © Tous droits réservés</sc>
##_EOF_ foo.wml

If you want HTML entities in final output, juste adds isolatin tags.


D. Barbier

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