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Re: No installation problems with 1.6.8

On Mon, Jan 18, 1999, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:

> >Slides? You mean slices, right? But which particular example do you mean
> >(slices are used in the wml_tutorial document more than once)?
> In wml_tutorial.html
> at source-code line 384
>  1| <html>
>  2| <head>
>  3| <title>TitlelineTitelzeile</title>
>  4| </head>
>  5| <body>
>  6| <h1>HeaderlineUeberschrift</h1>
>  7| </body>
>  8| </html>   
> Missing [EN] and [DE]-tag?

Oh, that's only on the website, yes. The source (POD) and the manpage (.7) is
correct, but the HTML version of the document has problems because it shows
WML examples and is post-processed by WML, too. This way the tags got
stripped. Hmmm... when it's manually processed I would <protect> it, but it's
generated out of the POD. So, I currently have no clue how one can fix the
HTML version on the website.  Nevertheless the original document and manpage
of the distribution is correct. So I recommend you to read it there. Use wmd
to find it (when it's not in your MANPATH) or try "man wml_tutorial".

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