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Re: <page> <grid> and css

On Tue, Jan 19, 1999, Tomaso Scarsi wrote:

> I was trying to put some styles, but I don't know where...
> If I use the <page> tag and then the <style type="text/css">..
> the html I get has the <style type="text/css"> out of the <head></head>
> so howto use both them?

The <page> tag overrides <head>..</head>, so all you
have to do is to write:

    <page ...>
    <style ...>

because the overridden <head> tag automatically diverts the <style> to the
correct location of the real/physical <head>.

> another problem with the <grid> environment:
> if I want to apply a style in a cell with class="name" I tried with
> something like
> <cell class="name">
> in the html I get a <td> without class="name" 

Hmmmm..... that's not supported because grid comes from a time where
style-sheets were not existsing ;-) But shouldn't it be id=name?  But
nevertheless such an attribute should supported by <cell>, yes...

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