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Re: Building 1.6.8 under Irix 6.5.2

On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, Steve Sizemore wrote:

> In order to build this release on SGI Irix 6.5.2, I had to do the
> following -
> 1. Edit configure, and change the shell to bsh.  (#!/sbin/bsh)
>     Apparently, the default shell is now ksh, and /bin/sh is
>     actually ksh. /sbin/bsh is the bourne shell.

ksh should be sh-compatible. On HP-UX there is the same problem, some
configure scripts fail because of a buffer overflow (if i remember).
One has to type ``ksh configure'' instead of ``./configure''.
Could you send me the error message via wmb?

> 2. This allowed configure to do it's job, but make still fails
>     because of compiler complaints in wml_backend/p2_mhc/libutils/wisper.
No idea on this one. Do not know SGI.

> I hope this helps somebody.

Sure. Thanks for this report, Steve

D. Barbier

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