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Re: Some help

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Ismael Olea wrote:

> Hi!
> 	I've to update a web tree created with wml. I've got a problem: we
> mantain a ftp site with a number of docs, each doc is presented in 6
> different formats; we need a web page automaticaly generated with urls
> to all these files. Can I do this with wml? I know shell scripting but I
> prefer an integrated solution.
> 	Thanks in advance.


here is a solution using only pass 2. Keep in mind your html page
will be compiled off-line, so you should recompile it everytime
a file is added/deleted, or process it through a cron job.

## List of suffixes
<set-var suffixes[]= "doc

## Define the magic command
<define-tag list-doc-files>
<set-var i=0>
<while <get-var suffixes[i]>>
      <set-var file="%0.<get-var suffixes[i]>">
      <if <get-file-properties <get-var file>>
         <prog <a href="<get-var file>"><get-var file></a>>>
      <increment i>

## Example :
<list-doc-files "path/to/foo">

If path/to/foo.txt and path/to/foo.html exist, output is:
    <a href="path/to/foo.txt">path/to/foo.txt</a>
    <a href="path/to/foo.html">path/to/foo.html</a>


D. Barbier

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