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Bug report: selecting non existant slices is treated as an error


	I maintain web pages for our company, from which people can
download our software.  I use wml.

	From time to time we have beta releases available of up coming 

	I use make to control the running of wml on the source files,
and to drive mirror copying the output html pages to our externally
visible web page.

	I'd like to simply add the line

	to the Makefile, (which passes this to wml via the -DSCBETA=1
command line argument) and type make, and have the pages built with
the beta software included.

	I tried using the

	<ifdef SCBETA thenstring elsestring> feature, 
but my then and else strings have white space in them.  Is there a 
what to escape the white space?

	Baring that, I use slices. I surround the text that should be
printed only if we are doing a Beta release in the appropriate slice.
This works great; except:

	Only some of our pages change based on that fact we are doing
a beta.  Since I use make, I'd like to use the same command line when
ever running wml.  

	If a page is processed by wml with a command line that is
selecting slices that don't exist in the page, it is treated as an
error.  I feel this is the wrong behavior. At most, wml should warn.


	wml foo.wml --o UNDEFuJOE:foo.html

where there is no slice named JOE in foo.wml


	add to every page a slice named JOE that includes nothing:

<!-- [JOE: :] -->

    /\     Michael McNamara             <mac@surefirev.com>
   /\//    SureFire Verification Inc.   408-374-4100 x 100
  /\///\   <http://www.surefirev.com>   408-374-4174 FAX
 _\///\/        Formerly Silicon Sorcery
  \//\/    Get my verilog emacs mode from
    \/     <http://www.surefirev.com/verilog-mode.html>

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