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Re: Bug report: selecting non existant slices is treated as an error

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, Michael McNamara wrote:

> 	<ifdef SCBETA thenstring elsestring> feature, 
> but my then and else strings have white space in them.  Is there a 
> what to escape the white space?

<ifeq <get-var SCBETA> "" "thenstring" "elsestring">

You may also take a look at the <prog> and <concat> tags into the doc.

> 	If a page is processed by wml with a command line that is
> selecting slices that don't exist in the page, it is treated as an
> error.  I feel this is the wrong behavior. At most, wml should warn.

I agree. Another workaround is to test whether slices are in the source
file before launching wml. In my pages i have french and english
versions, text is surrounded by <f></f> or <e></e>.
In the Makefile, there is
%.f.html %.e.html: %.wml
      @if `grep '<e>' $<  >/dev/null 2>&1`; then \
        cmd='wml -o \(ALL-LANG_*\)+LANG_F:$*.f.html \
                 -o \(ALL-LANG_*\)+LANG_E:$*.e.html $<'; \
      else \
        cmd="wml -o \(ALL-LANG_*\)+LANG_F:$@ $<"; \
      fi; \
      echo $$cmd; \
      eval $$cmd


D. Barbier

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