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Re: vim syntax file?

On 25 Jan 1999, Ralf S. Engelschall <rse@engelschall.com> wrote:
> You mean for server-side includes via XBitHack of Apache? You can use:

 No, not for ssi's - I prefer to write "test.wml" instead of "wml
test.wml -o test.html"  :)

 But all I get is an error from the shell like this:
./test.wml: line 6: syntax error near unexpected token `..TITLE>><<.'
./test.wml: line 6: `..TITLE>><<..'

 It seems that it doesn't recognice the #!/ at the start of the file and
doesn't execute wml but makes it just a plain shell-script? Do I have to
set somewhere that wml is recogniced? Maybe I have to add
/usr/local/bin/wml to /etc/shells?
 But then again - /usr/bin/perl isn't in there and perl-script still
work.... I just can't find what the problem could be. I just noticed
that it isn't handed to wml as argument but executed as shellscript and
that produces the error.

> In a hacker tool like WML anything *IS* possible.  The question is just, how
> much effort is actually needed to make it possible... ;-)

 Could it be possible that the output of "wml --help" isn't sent to
STDERR but to STDOUT for it doesn't really seem like an error-message to
me and I'm used to pipe that messages to my pager  ;)

My God, I'm depressed!  Here I am, a computer with a mind a thousand
times as powerful as yours, doing nothing but cranking out fortunes and
sending mail about softball games.  And I've got this pain right
through my ALU.  I've asked for it to be replaced, but nobody ever
listens.  I think it would be better for us both if you were to just
log out again.
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