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Getting filenames..


	I need to read a variable number of name files. I tried to use
meta-html primitives but it's too hard for me. 

	Now I choose to run a very simple shell script that output a filename
by line.

	I try to read it with met-html streams but I can't.

	Trying to open a stream:

<with-open-stream vari /root/lucas/wml/fichero type=file mode=read>

it looks like wml ignore the tag (with-open-stream is documented in WML)

	And trying this method (with pipes), the output is empty:

<stream-get standard-input>
<get-var <stream-get *standard-input*>>

	I'm too new to WML and it look very complex but I like. What is wrong
in my code?

	Thanks again.


	Ismael Olea
	TSAI, Área Sistemas, Unix tlf. 91-7548748

	iolea@tsai.es	olea@iname.com
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