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Re: Getting filenames..

On Thu, 4 Feb 1999, Ismael Olea wrote:

> 	Hi!
> 	I need to read a variable number of name files. I tried to use
> meta-html primitives but it's too hard for me. 
> 	Now I choose to run a very simple shell script that output a filename
> by line.
> 	I try to read it with met-html streams but I can't.

Hi Ismael,

the wml pass2 is a stripped down version of meta-html ; as explained
somewhere in the docs, lot of functionalities have been removed.
I checked, and found no reference to streams, so i assume you read the
meta-html doc. It's a good idea to read manuals, but in this case not
Other stuff have been removed, like databases management. I know there
is a reference to <with-open-database>, it will be fixed.

When i replied to your previous question, i made a mistake.  I wrote
macros with meta-html to show how powerful it is, because i like how it
works, and moreover because i was working on upgrading wml pass2 to the
next release of wml.
The original vocation of wml_p2_mhc is to define new html-like tags. So
i think you should begin by using it only to this purpose and take
benefit of the powerful wml_p3_eperl for programming.
When you are familiar with wml_p2_mhc, you may convert some eperl code
to meta-html constructions.

About your specific problem, i did not understand what you are trying to
perform, sorry.

Have a nice day


D. Barbier

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