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Wish list

Here are some news.

I have begun to work on the next release. Among other good things,
wml_p2_mhc has been updated to version 5.09, which has more
functions and seems to be a little bit faster (10% on my files).
The wml::std::toc has been partially rewritten and allow 2 new styles:
ul and ol.

Of course, they are development versions and should only be used for
testing. But feedbacks will be really helpful.

I wanted to clean up the javascript code, putting it in the HEAD place.
Now, the only way to perform this task is to post-process the generated
HTML files via an epilog filter. If the wml_p9_slice pass was moved
just after wml_p6_asubst, wml_p7_htmlfix should do the trick.
This is not the only reason why i suggest this. IMHO passes 1-6 and 9
generate the HTML code whereas passes 7-8 beautify it, and it is logical
to perform eesthetic transformations at the last stages.

Before committing such a change, i have to consider all side-effects.
For instance, Ralf reported it should have an influence on the
permissions (you know, -o ...@chmodcmd).
Does someone think this change could break its website generation?
All your comments are welcome.

Denis Barbier

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