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Pb with gfont


I'm fighting at the moment with gfont, and I'm loosing :(
Here are my problems :
- when I use a Computer Modern Family gdf file of the package,
  no problems, but when I use another font, the gdf file is
  apparently well-generated via gfont_mkgdf, but gfont "Still
  can not load XXX font", does anybody have Times.gdf.gz file
  for me to test, or is gdf format depending of others include
  files ?
- in my wml file, I'm trying something like this :
  <gfont ...>
	<lang:en: English_Blabla><lang:fr: French_Blabla>
  but it generates a beautiful gif file with exactly my tags :)
  What's the clean way to generate two lang gif files ?

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