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Re: #!/usr/local/bin/wml

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

>  I don't want to call it with 'wml test.wml' but with 'test.wml'. I
> don't see the point for that - besides to not have to specify the
> options on the commandline.....  But somehow it seems to me that that is
> not possible? Does the kernel check the program which is noticed in the
> first line to be a binary file? Or is that some other problem?

The problem is that you did not specify any filename. Typing
   wml -o toto.html
and writing on the first line of your file
   #!/usr/local/bin/wml -ototo.html
are equivalent. Writing
   #!/usr/local/bin/wml -ototo.html toto.wml
should work.
But this is *not* a shebang line in the wml sense.


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