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Re: [BUG REPORT] WML 1.6.8, debian linux

On Mon, 8 Mar 1999, Ralf S. Engelschall wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 08, 1999, stiegele@informatik.uni-freiburg.de wrote:
> > Package: WML 1.6.8
> > Operating System: debian linux
> > 
> > Problem Description:
> > | 	hallo, 	
> > | 
> > | 	in phase 4 deines wml-packetes scheint sich ein
> > | kleiner bug eingeschlichen zu haben. folgende eingabe
> > | fuehrt naemlich bei mir dazu, dass sich der computer
> > | ne ganze weile mit phase 4 beschaeftigt, bevor er meint,
> > | dass sein speicher jetzt alle sei.

Thanks for the report Patrick.

I am not sure whether it is a bug or a feature. For instance, what about
<symbol donald "mickey">
<symbol mickey "minnie">

Should `donald' expand to `mickey' or `minnie'? I prefer the former.

One solution is to define <symbol> this way:
<define-tag symbol>
<ifeq <get-var %1> undef
      <prog m4_undefine(`%0')>
      <prog m4_define(`%0', `m4_quotes()`%1'm4_noquotes()')>>
m4_changequote(, )\

But this will not work, you also need to modify lines 695-696 of wml:
    print TMP "m4_define(`m4_noquotes', `m4_changequote(, )')m4_dnl\n";
    print TMP "m4_define(`m4_quotes',   `m4_changequote`'')m4_dnl\n";

In the next release, these lines will be removed from wml and put
elsewhere, maybe in .../include/sys/boot.wml.

In fact i don't like m4 quoting because we french people write a lot of
single quotes, and i always have to use non-standard quotes.

Maybe the definitions below could stand in tags.wml, any opinion?

# Custom opening and closing quotes.
<set-var m4-leftquote="[:[">
<set-var m4-rightquote="]:]">

<define-tag m4-expr-quote>
<get-var m4-leftquote>%body<get-var m4-rightquote>

# Invoke m4 in a local environment where quotes are changed
<define-container m4-quotes>
m4_changequote(,)m4_changequote(<m4-expr-quote ,>)\

<define-tag symbol>
<ifeq <get-var %1> undef
      <prog m4_undefine(<m4-expr-quote %0>)>
      <prog m4_define(<m4-expr-quote %0>,\
         <m4-expr-quote <prog <m4-quotes><m4-expr-quote %1></m4-quotes>>>)>


D. Barbier

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