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Re: gfont (was: p3_eperl & threads => compile problem)

Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Remco van den Berg wrote:
> >Now there's only one thing left I don't like about my webpages and that
> >are the fonts generated by gfont. They are just so ugly.
> >
> >( See http://www.dse.nl/vcepsv/ )
> Do you refer to the font in your navigation bar?

The fonts in the menu at the left. 
But they don't have anything to do with the "navbar" functionality
of WML.

> I think the problem is,
> that they are to thin for the display. It looks like the original
> TeX-Font, which was designed for printing.
> Perhaps try a bold font or a
> sans-serif font, because the hairlike serifs are too thin.
> Did you created the gifs in the navbar directly, or before the navbar
> rendering?

Just gfont:

<gfont file="<get-var WMLIMGDIR>/menu/%0_na.gif" color=#000000 \
                    face="Times" size=0 notag>%body</gfont>

I think gfont runs gs and then some other tools. But I really cannot
follow all the font stuff. It is so confusing: "X-fonts", true-type,
ps, mf, TeX, gs etc. etc.  ...... aarrgghhhh

I only want some nice looking rendered fonts. :-(

Why is gfont using TeX fonts when they are not suited to be used on
Does anybody know other utils which can do the same as gfont?

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