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Home of WML and other stuff

Hi Denis, hi Ralf, hi WMLers,

as some of you might or might not have noticed, the WML home moved
recently to a new hostname (you'll have to do a reverse DNS lookup).

The new host is now opensource.ee.ethz.ch

While this move was in part initiated by "political" reasons it now
gives us the opportunity to publically support opensource projects.

Have a look at http://opensource.ee.ethz.ch which is also yet another
example of the power of WML (and Tobias' design skills).

Have fun,

P.S.: Denis, if you have a homepage, would you send me the URL? I'd
      include it then on the WML entry.

Dr. Fritz Zaucker, Head IT Support Group
Department of Electrical Engineering,  Federal Institute of Technology
ETZ J97, Gloriastrasse 35, 8092 Zurich, Switzerland
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