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Re: Home of WML and other stuff

On 9 Mar 1999, Fritz Zaucker wrote:

> Hi Denis, hi Ralf, hi WMLers,
> as some of you might or might not have noticed, the WML home moved
> recently to a new hostname (you'll have to do a reverse DNS lookup).
> The new host is now opensource.ee.ethz.ch

Hi Fritz,

Thanks again for the hosting.
As Ralf asked, this site has been added to the list of WML generated

> While this move was in part initiated by "political" reasons it now
> gives us the opportunity to publically support opensource projects.
> Have a look at http://opensource.ee.ethz.ch which is also yet another
> example of the power of WML (and Tobias' design skills).

You did not tell that the source files of your web pages is available,
replacing .html suffix by .wml.

My homepage is of no interest, and only available in french :o(
One day i will rewrite it and send you the URL.



Dr D. Barbier for 15 days :o)

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