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Re: Home of WML and other stuff

On Wed, 10 Mar 1999, Paul Sponagl wrote:

> Hi,
> as you're talking of wml-generated sites i want to mention the Site
> http://www.freeware.de.
> Heiko, our office neighbor and the maintainer/owner of this Site
> asked us to help him with the redesign. First we thought of using
> PHP-Mysql, but then we decided to use WML :-)

Hi, Paul
what are the name and email of Heiko? I need these to update the

Concerning your suggestion, you will be unhappy to learn that
the meta-html <subst-in-page> has disappeared from the development branch
of WML. I saw no reason to use this tag, and i presume you can perform your
substitutions with wml_p6_asubst.

On the other hand, this routine can painless be reintroduced, so it will be.


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