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Re: Home of WML and other stuff

Hello Dr. Barbier,

( yup - sounds kind of 'really official' )

> what are the name and email of Heiko? I need these to update the
> database.
Heiko Franke

> Concerning your suggestion, you will be unhappy to learn that
> the meta-html <subst-in-page> has disappeared from the development branch
> of WML. I saw no reason to use this tag, and i presume you can perform your
> substitutions with wml_p6_asubst.

But how would you count the number of used Meta-Tags (self-defined) by
the publisher to use it in p3 again ?
For example to define splices based upon this number.
I'm not quite sure if there is another way.

> On the other hand, this routine can painless be reintroduced, so it will be.

Bye and congrats Doc!

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