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Re: WML wml::std::lang questions

On Thu, 11 Mar 1999, Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to setup a new multilanguage site. Now I think I do have
> understood it more or less, but I have a problem in getting the
> *.wml files to look nice. They are going to be edited by not so technical
> people. At the moment I have the impression that I must put a
> #!wml -o(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_EN:index.html \
>       -o(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_ES:index.es.html \
>       -o(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_FR:index.fr.html \
>       -o(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_DE:index.de.html \
>       -o(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_IT:index.it.html 
> at the start of every file ... 

Hi Tobias,

It does not really matter, but -o(ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_EN is easier to
understand. It means all slices minus the ones relative to linguas
plus LANG_EN. Even not technical people will find this simple :o)
Moreover, you can replace ``index'' by ``%BASE'' as explained in wml(1).

But it is only available on the shebang line, so i see no solution
to your problem (except with a makefile).

One could write -o(ALL-LANG_*)+LANG_IT:%BASE.it.html in the .wmlrc
files, this feature will go in my to-do list. And i should mention the
%BASE trick in wml::std::lang(3), i presume.



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