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Another WML wml::std::lang questions

Hi all,
while we are on that topic, I've a problem with my multilingual pages.
All pages are in three languages, and are builded on the top of one
single file (per page, of course).
The shebang line is like that:

#!wml -o (ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_EN:./www.laventa/en/%BASE.html 
-o (ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_ES:./www.laventa/es/%BASE.html 
-o (ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_IT:./www.laventa/it/%BASE.html
#use wml::template::basic area=sam title="Samarcanda - Samarkand"

and all works correctly.
Right now I've used only one navbar (the same for all the three langages).
It is call from the basic.wml file with a <navbar:render> statement.
But I wish to use the nested navbar (like that in Tobias' pages, or 
the old nested navbar from Ralf) and this way I need different navbar 
for different languages.
Ok, a ...brief... example
##  nnb.inc
##  Definition of our navigation bar structure
#use wml::std::lang
#include  navbar2.inc ## support nested navbar with two levels
                      ## Copyright (c) 1998 Ralf S. Engelschall, [...]

<lang:new id=en>
<lang:new id=it>

<nb:define main>
<nb:button topic_it-1 "Topic IT 1" topic1.html.it>
<nb:button topic_it-2 "Topic IT 2" topic2.html.it>
<nb:define main>
<nb:button topic_en-1 "Topic EN 1" topic1.html.en>
<nb:button topic_en-2 "Topic EN 2" topic2.html.en>
<nb:define sub topic-1>
<nb:button subtopic_it-1a "Topic IT 1a" topic1a.html.it>
<nb:button subtopic_it-1b "Topic IT 1b" topic1b.html.it>
<nb:define sub topic-1>
<nb:button subtopic_en-1a "Topic EN 1a" topic1a.html.en>
<nb:button subtopic_en-1b "Topic EN 1b" topic1b.html.en>
...und so weiter
And my template contains:
## basic.wml
#use wml::tmpl::nnb.inc

You see the point. 
This way it doesn't works, the html file shows all the navbar, 
three version of every topic ;-(
I know, "... for WML and Perl there is always a solution... ;-)..."
(quoting Ralf), but I'm lost.
Is what i need some sort of conditional include?
Or is there a simplest way?
Thanks in advance
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