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Re: WML wml::std::lang questions

Today you sent me mail regarding Re: WML wml::std::lang questions:

*> On 11 Mar 1999, Fritz Zaucker wrote:
*> >The problem is that we are talking about REALLY non-technical people.
*> I am very interested in your solution, because I am involved in
*> several cooperative projects with people using different kinds of
*> HTML-Programs and with people without HTML-knowledge. So I would be
*> glad, if you could describe your approach to me. Is WML the only
*> programm you use or do you use a database-program oder a
*> editing-suite either?

the plan (!) to have the non-tech people edit the wml files,
using a small set of html tags (maybe 10 or so) using what ever editor they
like. Preferably one which does html syntax highlighting ...

then they run 

wmk -a 

on the server ... and thats it ..

they love it, because they can see that it is realy simple for them to
maintain the pages without having to learn yet another gui ... the 10 tags
are relay simple to leran ... 

obviously they wont be doint table and such but that does not matter and one
can learn to do tables if needs be ...

*> Ciao!
*> juh

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