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Re: WML wml::std::lang questions

Jan Ulrich Hasecke <juh@pironet.de> writes:

> >The problem is that we are talking about REALLY non-technical people.
> I am very interested in your solution, because I am involved in
> several cooperative projects with people using different kinds of
> HTML-Programs and with people without HTML-knowledge. So I would be
> glad, if you could describe your approach to me.

The problem is that some of these "HTML-Programms" produce LOUSY
HMTL. An especially "great" example is MS-Word which doesn't even get
the nesting of tags right.

> Is WML the only programm you use or do you use a database-program
> oder a editing-suite either?

Our approach is plain ASCII editor with WML. I guess integration of a
database would be no problem, one could define some WML-tags and call
the database from Perl.

> juh's Sudelbuch
> Täglich tagesfrische Sudeleien
> http://www.sudelbuch.de

Cool site!


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