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Re: WML wml::std::lang questions

Tobias Oetiker writes:
 > Today you sent me mail regarding Re: WML wml::std::lang questions:
 > in the meantime I have been coding again. The challenge was to get graphical
 > stuff working with lang ... I have now created the necessary tags, but a
 > problem remains ... 

Tobias, since you are in the code anyway, I'd really like it if
the LANG stuff works ok even with files that have no lang tags.

Basically, I'm (mis) using the lang feature to release a set of pages
that each deal with a differing sets of product.  

>From my web page build makefile I define what products
(I.E. languages) are to be released.  Each page includes a defs.h
page, where I define our own tags, including a tag that expands out to
all the release product names.  Not every page uses this tag; but it
is conveniently universally available should one of my writers choose
to use it.

So, in general I'd like to just define a -o switch that is passed to
every invocation of wml, without worrying whether the particular wml
file uses that LANG.

Unfortunately, if there is no use of the LANG tag FOO in xx.wml,
the following command fails:

% wml --o UNDEFuFOO:xx.html xx.wml
** Slice:Error: no such slice 'FOO'
** WML:Break: Error in Pass 9 (rc=1).

I believe it should accept this with no complaints.  Perhaps a
--strict switch can be added to select the existing behavior.


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